Pumpkin Puddings and it’s an orange crush

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Pumpkin Puddings – Budini alla Zucca

Music: Orange Crush, R.E.M. I know that choosing this song may sound frivolous, but if I think pumpkin, I think orange and then orange crush. I can’t help it.


1/2 l whole milk

300 gr pumpkin, diced

100 gr sugar

4 eggs

100 gr ginger chocolate

pumpkin seeds

Bring to a boil the milk and the pumpkin. When the pumpkin is well cooked, puree it in the mixer, then let cool. In a big bowl, beat together the eggs with the sugar, and when the pumpking puree is cold, add it to the bowl. Pour the mixture into 8 well-greased rameskins and place them in a large baking tray containing warm water. Bake at 150° C for one hour, then place in the fridge for a few hours. Just before serving, melt the chocolate and top the puddings with some chocolate and pumpkin seeds.


About thecookandtheguitarist

We're Gaia and Andrea and this is the place where we have fun pairing food with music. Gaia - The Cook - is a trained pastry chef and owns a candy shop in the centre of Florence, Italy. Andrea - The Guitarist - is a professional musician, teaches guitar and is a Beatles fanatic.
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8 Responses to Pumpkin Puddings and it’s an orange crush

  1. Symposion says:

    bel tocco il cioccolato allo zenzero!

  2. Paola says:

    Che blog fantastico!!!

  3. che carina, Paola, mi fa piacere che ti piaccia! grazie di essere passata! a presto

  4. E difficile dire quale torta o biscotto preferisco fra quelli che hai pubblicato, è un vero paradiso del dolce, uno più invitante dell’altro. Poi io amo follemente i dolci con la zucca .. questo budino è assolutamente fantastico !! Manu

  5. anche a me piacciono troppo i dolci con la zucca! la pumpkin pie è da sempre nella mia top 10!

  6. redmenace says:

    Pumpkin is the most overlooked food, isn’t it. It can be sweet and blissful like this recipe, but also hearty and savory. I adore it!

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  7. I’m glad you like it! xoxo

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