My mother’s cheap Oat & Apple Cake: the heart of the house

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My mother’s cheap Oat & Apple Cake – Torta Economica alle Mele & Avena della mia mamma

Music: Heart Of The House, Alanis Morissette. You are the original template. You are the original exemplary. This one is a cake my mother has been baking forever, a simple dough of flour, sugar, fresh eggs, milk and a pinch of cinnamon (NO butter, really!!!) topped with thin slices of caramelized apples. Lately, I found myself baking it more often than usual for breakfast, sometimes toasting a few slices and spreading them with a little jam. My mother is an excellent baker, but while her flourless chocolate cake became my flourless chocolate cake or her castagnaccio became my castagnaccio and so on, her cheap oat & apple cake… it is hers. Not mine. If I think of this cake, I think of my mother and if I think of my mother, I think of this wonderful song. We left the men and we went for a walk in the Gatineaus. And talked like women, like women to women wold. Where did you get that from? Must’ve been your father, your dad. I got it from you, I got it from you. Do you see yourself in my gypsy garage sale ways? In my fits of laughter? In my tinkerbell tendencies? In my lack of colour coordination?

Ingredients (for 2 small cakes):

1 big apple

120 gr oat flour

80 gr flour

120 gr sugar

2 eggs

80 ml milk

1 tsp baking powder


2 Tsb brown sugar

Beat the eggs with the sugar until pale. Add the flours, the milk, the baking powder and the cinnamon, mixing well. Pour the mixture into 2 small cake tins (both buttered and floured), and top with thin slices of apple. Sprinkle with the brown sugar and bake at 180° for about 50 minutes.


About thecookandtheguitarist

We're Gaia and Andrea and this is the place where we have fun pairing food with music. Gaia - The Cook - is a trained pastry chef and owns a candy shop in the centre of Florence, Italy. Andrea - The Guitarist - is a professional musician, teaches guitar and is a Beatles fanatic.
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4 Responses to My mother’s cheap Oat & Apple Cake: the heart of the house

  1. Symposion says:

    buona! proprio oggi anch’io ho pensato di fare un bel cake dolce, consola in queste fredde domeniche di inizio inverno 🙂

  2. finally an other post!:)we want more!!and more, more, more,more…!!!

  3. Bene says:

    W le mele in ogni cosa e con ogni cosa, questa la provo subito!

  4. redmenace says:

    I love simple cakes and breads like this one. Perfect to whip up in an afternoon (with mom) or with some coffee. Thanks!

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