Pomegranate, Banana Cake and girls next door

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Pomegranate, Banana Cake – Torta alla Banana & Melagrana

Music: Girl Next Door, Julie Roberts. I think this cake (I got the idea for it from these wonderful girls.) is like the girl next door. I’m sure you know what I mean… if you know the song! Love them both.


80 gr butter

80 gr sugar

2 eggs

100 gr whole flour

100 gr flour

2 Tsb oats

1 tsp baking powder

1 banana

1/2 pomegranate

Cream together the butter, the sugar and the eggs. Add the flours, the oats and a little water (I had run out of milk!). Then add the baking powder, some pomegranate and the diced  banana (leave a little for the topping), mixing well. Pour the mixture into a well greased mould, top with some banana slices, some pomegranate seeds and sprinkle with 1 Tsb brown sugar. Bake at 180° C for about 45 minutes.


About thecookandtheguitarist

We're Gaia and Andrea and this is the place where we have fun pairing food with music. Gaia - The Cook - is a trained pastry chef and owns a candy shop in the centre of Florence, Italy. Andrea - The Guitarist - is a professional musician, teaches guitar and is a Beatles fanatic.
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4 Responses to Pomegranate, Banana Cake and girls next door

  1. Symposion says:

    buona la torta, ma perché non hai fatto anche una foto dall’alto? si sarebbe vista in tutta la sua bellezza! 🙂

  2. it looks delish:)and i love bananas:)

  3. hai ragione, ma a dire la verità…. ieri mi venivano delle foto oscene!

  4. Bene says:

    brava Gaia!!!ho provato la torta di mele della tua mamma…un ‘orso’ di passaggio se l’e’ spolverata;)

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