Kale Bread and I’ll never forget

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Kale Bread – Pane al Cavolo Nero

Music: You Said Something, PJ Harvey. Bread, the simplest of foods, made special by an unusual ingredient you weren’t expecting. Just like words said on an ordinary day that come out like a revelation, totally unannounced. One in the morning and you said something that I’ve never forgotten. You said something that was really important.


Flour 250 Gr

EVO Oil 1 Tsb

Butter 50 Gr

Kale 130 Gr

Fresh Yeast 12 Gr

Warm Water 150 Ml

Salt 1 pinch

Sugar 1 pinch

Sunflower seeds (optional)

Boil the kale in salted water for 5 minutes, then reduce to small pieces and fry in a pan with oil and butter for a few minutes. In a bowl, mix the flour and the kale. Add the fresh yeast (melted in the warm water), the salt, the sugar and mix well. Let rest for 1 hour, then work again and divide the dough into 2 logs. Let rest for another hour. Top with some sunflower seeds if you like and bake at 200Β° C for 20/25 minutes.


About thecookandtheguitarist

We're Gaia and Andrea and this is the place where we have fun pairing food with music. Gaia - The Cook - is a trained pastry chef and owns a candy shop in the centre of Florence, Italy. Andrea - The Guitarist - is a professional musician, teaches guitar and is a Beatles fanatic.
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7 Responses to Kale Bread and I’ll never forget

  1. Symposion says:

    ma che buono!
    mi piace il pane con le ‘aggiunte’ πŸ˜›

  2. ottimo questo pane arricchito! complimenti!

  3. Bene says:

    Buono!Io invece ho fatto un casino con la Granola..a volte mi faccio prendere dalla fretta!!!
    baci a presto πŸ™‚

  4. redmenace says:

    Wow. I never would think of this combination! What does it taste like??

  5. I love it! Think it’s perfect with some good cheese, salami or a warm soup.

  6. Janani says:

    I love the idea of kale and bread. Is there an alternative to frying the kale ? Do you think oven roasting it might do the trick ?


  7. @Janani: I’m not sure, but I think that roasting the kale could make it too crunchy. If you don’t want to fry it, I would just boil it and cut it finely. Let me know how it comes out!

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