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Breakfast Tarts and I love Mondays

Breakfast Tarts – Crostatine da Colazione Music: I Don’t Like Mondays, The Boomtown Rats. If there is something positive about Mondays is that I can get my hands on cakes, biscuits … I made during the weekend. These little tarts … Continue reading

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Baked Chocolate & Pear Mousse and desperate housewives

Baked Chocolate & Pear Mousse – Mousse alla Pera & Cioccolato al Forno Music: SheDaisy, God Bless The American Housewife. Look at me I’m beautiful and glamorous in rubber gloves, look how my tiara can be bent back to the … Continue reading

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Date, Dark Chocolate Cake when you’re feeling just a little too tense

Date, Dark Chocolate Cake – Torta ai Datteri & Cioccolato Fondente Music: Some Days You Gotta Dance, The Dixie Chicks. Some days you gotta dance, live it up when you get the chance, ‘cause when the world doesn’t make no … Continue reading

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Milk Chocolate, Walnut Biscotti & white flags

Milk Chocolate, Walnut Biscotti – Biscotti al Cioccolato al Latte & Noci Music: Abilene, Sheryl Crow. These biscotti are perfect for the calm after the storm. That’s why I always  keep a few in my kitchen, sometimes changing milk chocolate … Continue reading

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Ricotta, Chocolate Cake when it’s so fucking cold

SORRY for being away so long, but we’re having some busy days: the guitarist is locked in the studio recording, while me – well, I am currently living at the shop, which I love! Unfortunately there is NO kitchen! Ricotta, … Continue reading

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Strawberry, Chocolate Pudding Cakes. Baby Hollywood is dead, you can find it in yourself.

Strawberry, Chocolate Pudding Cakes – Tortine al Cioccolato & Marmellata di Fragole Music: Hollywood, Michael Bublè. I love this song (well, to tell the truth, I love everything Michael Bublè sings – I do think he’s the sexiest man on … Continue reading

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Chocolate & Fleur de Sel Cookies and false alarms

Chocolate & Fleur de Sel Cookies – Biscotti al Cioccolato e Fior di Sale Music: False Alarm, KT Tunstall. I hate false alarms, hate to be proven wrong in my convictions, and weirdly I loved these cookies. The cruncy topping … Continue reading

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